Gran Mellia Cancune - Resort not what it was advertised

Saint Louis, Missouri 1 comment

I stayed at the Gran Mellia Cancune June 17-21/2011.The flight down and back were very nice.

The hotel was rated a 5 or 6. You need to check this out!! There was one nice Itilian restruant, the buffet was OK. There was a nice porch for dining.

The room was nice, very clean. I have been to Mexico quite a few times in many places. I believe the atriam concept was NOT good. I was very warm each evening with NO entertainment.

The bar service each evening was not good. The evening bar tender should be fired. The buffet compared to other Mexican resorts was just OK - they should visit other resorts and compare. The pool was very nice and those working around the pool were nice.

We came thinking the resort was an all inclusive, I think they should rethink this - $10.00 per day to put something in your rooms refrigeator - what if I would have needed medication? - $10.00 charge for room service - Charge for certain things in the frig. We had to sign a slip of paper each time we had anything to eat or drink. There was a charge for certain things on the menu.

The check in was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. The girl that took care of us (6 ladies) was not adiquet.

I am over my words, but have one more thing - The jungle was not taken care of!!!



Seriously, the jungle was not taken care of? Really?

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